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When I was 6 my dad gave up drinking. I remember lots of things from about 3 years old and on, but I do not remember my dad ever drinking, or drunk...ever. I do remember clearly the time right after he quit. My dad was such an asshole when he drank, I guess it frightened me so much I block it. My brothers remember fights with his drunken friends, my mom crying....all sorts.

My dad would make drinks up and give them to my mom. He'd say "here, have this. I want a drink but can't have one". My dad is a dude that needs mellowing out not igniting so he just smoked up instead of drinking, a much much better outcome for the family. I think a lot of people who can't handle alcohol switch to pot. For the record, out of the 4 kids none of us are regular pot users so don't worry about the example. It's way better example to be mellow and relaxed with a joint then an abusive asshole with a can.
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