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Dude I already DID Bottom 10 drinking moments. Why you gotta hold out the best story on me till now??

Dean- CONGRATULATIONS! This is the first day of the rest of your life as a dad, husband and friend that can be trusted and leaned on and looked up to.
Yeah, it'll take a time to re-build that trust and to wane the fears you've instilled in your family.
The good news is, you've already begun AND its totally possible to do!

Dude. I'm proud of you too. For getting in here and telling on yourself.
You're going to have a lot of people try to downplay it or pressure you into "drinking a DIFFERENT kind" or "just slowing down" - or whatever. Guess what? Those people probably also have a problem and are threatened by your steps to sobriety because they don't want to think that they'd ever have to get sober either.
And don't forget that YOU have a BUILT IN FORGETTER. That's why this has happened more than once. And over time you will begin to forget it again and wonder if you can control yourself after all. You can't help it. It's built in.
And you 'telling on yourself' to the forums, your parents, etc. is a great way to be held accountable.
Go to a few different AA meetings. They are helpful. They will meep you accountable. Take what you want and leave the rest but you can really find some great people there who have been through the SAME FUCKING THING AS YOU and will see you as you really are-People that don't drink often but sometimes ruin their entire life in the spanse of...7 hours.
Go with an open mind and keep going. Maybe you won't go forever but you have proven that you are not in control and the group will keep you accountable and if nothing else, man youll hear some stories that Hollywood cant touch! :-)

Keep it up Dean. You're in the perfect place. Don't waste this gift of desperation.
And keep us updated!
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