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Originally Posted by Hennessy View Post
Dude I already DID Bottom 10 drinking moments. Why you gotta hold out the best story on me till now??

Originally Posted by Hennessy View Post
You're going to have a lot of people try to downplay it or pressure you into "drinking a DIFFERENT kind" or "just slowing down" - or whatever. Guess what? Those people probably also have a problem and are threatened by your steps to sobriety because they don't want to think that they'd ever have to get sober either.
Nailed it. As usual.

The thought of someone stopping drinking triggered a visceral reaction in my gut. Almost terror.

I didn't even realise until I read this post, and replayed how I felt when I read Deano's shit.

I don't want Deano to stop. I'd rather have him keep drinking and be OK, because (I guess) that excuses me and my failures. Dean - bear this in mind, especially in our piss-soaked culture. I'm sorry for weighing in with what in hindsight were fucked ideas. I was coming from a place of ignorance and fear, and didn't even realise it.

Fuck you all for once again opening my eyes to something I'd rather not see.

Originally Posted by Dean from Australia View Post
I love you all...
Fag. <3
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