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Originally Posted by Scumhook View Post

Nailed it. As usual.

The thought of someone stopping drinking triggered a visceral reaction in my gut. Almost terror.

I didn't even realise until I read this post, and replayed how I felt when I read Deano's shit.

I don't want Deano to stop. I'd rather have him keep drinking and be OK, because (I guess) that excuses me and my failures. Dean - bear this in mind, especially in our piss-soaked culture. I'm sorry for weighing in with what in hindsight were fucked ideas. I was coming from a place of ignorance and fear, and didn't even realise it.

Fuck you all for once again opening my eyes to something I'd rather not see.

Fag. <3

I read your posts thinking - on one hand - that you were taking the piss with your tongue planted in your cheek. On the other hand I was like ohmygodohmygodohmygodohmygod you can't say this to me right now.

It's all good.
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