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Okay Keith,

It began at the Pub where I was still drinking with some of the group who had remained behind.

My serioso had taken the kids home earlier because it was evening, a Sunday night, so a school night. She called my cell a bunch of times to ask when I was coming home but I was silencing it like an arsehole.

She then came back to the Pub with the kids in tow to get me at which point my behaviour quickly went south. I started out by calling her a control freak and a nag - in the Pub - because she was pulling me away from my god given right to have a drink all because she wanted me to come home then and there. She needed help to get me into the car from a stranger who I was picking a fight with because I thought he was picking a fight with me.

I continued this abuse on the short car ride home, apparently getting more and more heated and outlandish and childish - if you could call it that.

At home, she somehow got me indoors, despite the fact that I could barely stand and this was when my paranoia factor shot through the roof. I began yelling a stream of conspiracy theories, accusing her of wanting to take me to court and take the kids away from me and that her whole family were against me as well.

I then started crashing my way through the house and throwing stuff across the room, in the belief that I was being attacked. I knocked my daughter over at this point - accidently - because she was in my path as I stumbled past her through the hallway of our house.

I then proceeded outside to the front garden where I dropped my pants and urinated all over the lawn whilst screaming and yelling at the top of my lungs - in full view of our street - still ranting about being conspired against. At one point, I tripped over my pants and boxers, which were down around my ankles and hit my head on a garden urn. I still have the lump on the back of my head.

So, my serioso is trying to get me back into the house and I'm apparently still hurling abuse at her. I'm calling her a bunch of names "bitch", "cunt", "slut" "control freak" and then I turn the whole paranoia thing back on her and start threatening her that I'm gonna take her to court and take the kids away from her.

She managed to get me back in the house but I immediately stormed (stumbled like a retard in trouble), semi naked through to the back garden, still screaming and yelling, where I collapsed onto the kids trampoline. At this point I shit myself and, rather than try and get me back inside, my serioso hosed me down with the garden hose, then left me to dry off while she settled the children and tried to calm them down.

She, somehow, managed to convince me to come inside, got me into the shower and put me to bed. By this time, I was gurgling incoherently but the fight had gone out of me.

I have no memory of this. It is incomprehensible that I would do or say anything like this. I love my serioso and I adore my children and to have said all this and to have done what I did - I can't get my head around it. It is horrifying to me as it is to her because I've never said any of this sort of poison before.
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