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If I was la seriosa, I'd just be counting my blessings that my male nurse amore wasn't playing bite the pillow with some hung 22 yo orderly.

Just sayin'.

There's always a glass half full side to each situation...

That story, while pretty fucked, is definitely recoverable from. You didn't fuck some random chick (or guy), you didn't assault anyone, and you didn't dump out deep hidden feelings about how you never loved her or wished you didn't have kids. That shit is waaay harder to recover from.

I reckon you can do this.

The fucking birthday's going to be hard though. If turning down drinks (and then explaining 1000 times why the fuck you've stopped) is going to be too hard, you could always say you're on painkillers for a stuffed back, or antibiotics for some foul disease you picked up at work. Kind of a pussy move, but it's early days, and some faggottry is forgivable.
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