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Originally Posted by campy View Post
Dean, I kind of "get" the nervousness about not drinking in social settings...that is when the pressure to drink is at it's height.When I wasn't drinking (pregnancy) it felt like was out of the loop. I remember Chemda talking about it on the show, people are judgy when they are drinking and you aren' you're some kind of party pooper. It is a change in how you party I guess. I hope this weekend goes well for you and you stick to you guns. What night is it? maybe we can have a sober chat going that night in solidarity heheeh You can pop into the room when the pressure gets to be too much and we can cheer you on.
It's Sunday afternoon and into the evening Australian time, which will make it Saturday night US time.

I like the idea of me popping into a chat party but I don't think my ducking out to the toilet every 5 minutes to check in will go down well with the guests here ...but ya never know.

I listened to that episode where Chemda was talking about that very situation just last night actually. I've also been going through some of Jesse Joyce's back episodes too - I relistened to the RIP Greg Giraldo episode last night too (which was like the first episode Jesse guested on after Giraldo died). Jesse had some great things to say on that one.
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