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Originally Posted by Lord of the Cock Rings View Post
I've stayed out of this because I've had struggles of my own for years and basically go back and forth between being under control and out of control. I've done 12 step and found it to mostly be a thin veil for Christian indoctrination. I've gone cold turkey. I even did a stint of inpatient rehab. I sure as hell don't have the answers because everyone has to face their own demons.

Best of luck to you Dean, but you will never make it if you can't be honest with your friends and family.
I spoke to the local AA Chapter here in Adelaide and I found myself being put off by their overtly Christian slant on the whole 12 step thing. The thought of holding hands and engaging in prayer doesn't sit well with me and I think that it will drive me back to those bad habits. Not to mention that I have always had issues with group situations.

You nailed it of course - being totally honest with family and friends and myself, is the only right thing to do and I feel capable of saying no at this point, as I write this.
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