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I said it a few posts back that I didn't see it before now - or rather, I refused to see it before now - but this has been accumulating over a number of years and I just can't see any other way forward at this point but to stop completely. Which is the worst as I regarded myself as something of a wine snob and more recently, a beer wanker. My local serves up a bunch of micro brewers regularly and they make for great tasting as well as getting royally shit faced on. And I have a collection of wines that I cannot bear the thought of getting rid of.

But the flip side is pretty compelling too...

...lose everything.

I'm still not totally decided on AA. I'm sure the whole god thing isn't as big a deal as it first appeared to me but it's the idea of the group thing that concerns me.

I do have a therapist who was treating me after I was assaulted at work so I should really check in with her about this. She is a good egg and I did get some benefit from her counsel.
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