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Originally Posted by Dean from Australia View Post
Part of me wants to tell you to fuck off but you've made too valid a point for me dismiss you out of hand.

That being said, I wonder if you've ever wrestled with an addiction or an inability to control a certain personality trait that is so ingrained in you.

That battle rages on in alot of people who deal with far worse than what I have described in this thread.

Make no mistake sunshine, I am just as disgusted with myself at the behavior I've described and I know exactly what needs to be done to ensure that it doesn't happen again.

You know what, I will tell you to fuck off - but only because you've struck a nerve.
No, I haven't had to deal with it myself. But I'll tell you one thing that may well strike another nerve - it certainly strikes mine.

My mother was an alcoholic. I say 'was' because she died just shy of three weeks ago. And the hardest thing for me, in the days leading up to her funeral, was admitting to myself that her bitter, angry and mean drunk persona had so tainted our relationship that I was unable, in good conscience, to stand up at her funeral and give a eulogy. Deeply saddened as I was by her death, I simply couldn't speak about what a great mother she was.

I don't care how fucking hard you say it is. You're choosing between drinking yourself into a state of arseholery and the love and respect of your family. Every time you even consider drinking a cool, refreshing glass of beer on a sunny afternoon you need to remember the look on your son's face when you asked if you scared him and the pain in your serioso's eyes when she recounted everything you did and every vile word you spoke to her. Then tell me it's hard.
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