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Originally Posted by jorjo View Post
Its simple really all you need to do is choose between scenarios 1 & 2:

Scenario 1
My not drinking is, undoubtedly, going to attract a number of sideways glances and some pressure to not be such a pussy
I just can't see any other way forward at this point but to stop completely. Which is the worst as I regarded myself as something of a wine snob and more recently, a beer wanker.
And I have a collection of wines that I cannot bear the thought of getting rid of.

Scenario 2
I said some things to my serioso and my kids that are, quite frankly, fucking unacceptable.
Then I become an arsehole.
My family couldn't even look at me this morning and I don't blame them.
I asked my 7 year old tonight if I scared him last night when I was off my face - he went all quiet and just nodded.
I have engaged in a loose pattern of binge drinking that has existed for more than a couple of years, to the point where she has dreaded many a social occasion because of it.
there have been times where I have frightened the fuck out of them with my arsehole behaviour.
...lose everything.

Looks like a no-brainer to me.

Stop making fucking excuses ... I'm weak, what will people think, I don't like groups, but the ... the ... temptation ...

Personally I don't give a fuck about you. All of my sympathy goes to your (apparently long suffering) serioso and kids. How awful for them to have such a frightening, shameful embarrassment for a partner and father.

Stop acting like giving up alcohol is such a big fucking deal. Compared with the alternative you've created for yourself - it's not.
I missed you my dear!
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