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Originally Posted by BrianAlt View Post
jorjo is a cool lady!
Thanks Brian

Originally Posted by campy View Post
Jorjo, Sorry about your mom. I get your point, why be phony If you didn't feel it you just can't say it.
Thanks campy.

Originally Posted by campy View Post
Except when you call us cunts, then we'll slice off that perfect male specimen of a penis and feed it to you asshole. (too far? nah)
oh, Scumhook can call me cunt all night long ...

Originally Posted by Keith View Post
Jesus, jorjo.

"Dean, I need you to know that you can keep drinking, or you can quit drinking because you already know you're a horrible piece of shit and a bad husband and a pathetic father and a gross person worthy of nothing. It's a no brainer! What's the problem, shithead?!

"Also, your writing might suffer now. Let's hope not."

That's some tough love right there. Goodness.
hmmm - it looks like you and Scummy attended the same class on "How to quote on the internet". But yeah, it is tough love. He was getting a lot of support and encouragement - which is great, that's was friends are for. But friends are also needed to just call a spade a spade sometimes.

Originally Posted by Lanfear View Post
I missed you my dear!
I've always been here - just a LOT quieter than in the old days I really need to get myself back to NYC for Keith's birthday shenanigans again!

Originally Posted by Dean from Australia View Post
That battle rages on in alot of people who deal with far worse than what I have described in this thread.
Right Dean - here's some actual advice:

Print the post where you outlined your shitty behaviour. Fold it and put in your wallet. If the temptation to drink starts winning, take the piece of paper out of your wallet before you reach for your cash and read it.

If your friends are hassling you at your birthday tomorrow, or any other time, if they're saying "C'mon Deano - just one" and telling them no isn't shutting them up - take that piece of paper out and let them read it. Forget lying about being on antibiotics or alluding to a recent big night. You need to face this head on and with complete honesty. Anyone encouraging you to drink after reading that post isn't someone you need to be around right now.

As for people dealing with far worse - ask yourself this - Do you want to be one of them? If someone else posted a thread saying they got shit-faced, punched their wife and raped her arse while she was crying and bleeding on the kitchen floor, I'd be giving them hell too. Do you want that thread to be written by you?

This can be your rock bottom right now. You don't need to get worse. You don't need to hit your wife, you certainly don't need to arrive home one day to an empty house and a tear stained note. This is it for you. This is your rock bottom.

I understand that there are likely to be events in your life that have shaped you, perhaps events that make you feel helpless against this - that make it feel like this is who you're destined to be. But you're a man now. You have the power to decide what hold those events continue to have over you. You're an intelligent, capable, responsible man and I know you can make it through this. Speak to your therapist, force yourself to join a group, look for help and accept help everywhere you can.

Thank your good fortune every day that you have a wonderful, supportive serioso and beautiful children.

Oh - and sell the wine collection - you don't need that shit in your home.
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