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Originally Posted by Enunciated Piffle View Post
You got a good life Dean. If there is any resentment about your writing, your family, your obligations, your unfulfilled dreams, whatever - go talk to someone. Get that shit figured out because that is what tips you from 'oh I'm just having a drink socially' to subconsciously/ completely unaware switching over to your body chemistry realizing 'oh this is nice. Let's escape this stress of life!'
There are some resentments around my writing that cause some tensions within my relationship with my serioso but I don't think that they influence my propensity to wipe the floor with myself.

She has a problem with my writing and the amount of time she perceives I invest in it and hasn't really been supportive of it. It has caused some arguments but I don't believe that I have neglected my responsibilities as a husband and father because of my writing.

Originally Posted by Keith View Post
My biggest concern over all of this is that I don't see why anyone would trust Boba Fett with The Emperor. Don't even get me started on how it looks like they're all coming from The Millennium Falcon...
I think there was kind of a gay sexual tension going on between Boba Fett and the Emperor. That bounty hunter had some pretty wicked tools on those wrist gauntlets of his.

And there was always the suggestion that the Falcon had some secret compartments that we didn't see. These were in fact called "play rooms" & were well equipped.
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