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Hey EP, let's not muddy the waters with relationship BS. I am sure there are two sides to this writing storyline.

The advice on seeing a therapist is great advice though. Therapy might help you root out any underline issues, give you strategies for dealing with social events and long term sobriety. Help you manage anger, frustration and weak moments without guilt and pity parties.

I went in 2010 for postpartum anxiety and it helped me immensely. I regret not going last year after a series of miscarriages left me in a deep depression and my 12 year relationship on the rocks. I am stubborn but mainly I was scared and too "In the dumps" to even face it. I wish I had gone though, the black point left scars on our relationship.

Maybe you can go, let me know how you do and then it might get me and my man in there :-)

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