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Having rules for the treatment of slaves is inherently advocating slavery. You know why we don't have rules for how you can or can't treat slaves? Because you're not fucking supposed to have slaves.

YOU are also taking things out of context, rabbit. The Bible is, within it's own context, the word of God. No parts of the Old Testament are not the word of God. They are included because they are the word of God. The New Testament is never a rejection of anything in the Old Testament, because the Old Testament is the word of God.

It is not a passage of a guy's opinion OR a passage written by a guy a long time ago with an outdated perspective, considered in the context of the Bible's mythology, which is what we are talking about. It is the divinely ordained order, which includes slavery.

Also the part you reference quickly where Moses and the Israelites are told to keep female child captives for themselves is pretty clearly slavery directly approved by God, so this mental gymnastic you're doing is very silly.
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