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He is talking about Christianity as a religion, not as an outdated code that can be transliterated into modern messages by keeping in mind realities that were in force in the time it was written.

They are two very separate things. The things you distill from the Bible viewing it your way have nothing to do with the internal logic and rules of the religion of Christianity. They are two distinctly different ways of reading something, and talking about Christianity as a religion is to exclude the way you look at it.

Christianity is not a religion based around picking and choosing some outdated messages to extrapolate and translate into modern ones from a text that, if taken at face value, is immoral and inconsistent with the modern human conscience. Any religion that does that is not what has been called Christianity for hundreds of years and is fundamentally incompatible with it.

The two cannot be reconciled, and it isn't my mind that has caused that.

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