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The point James made about how girls responded to him when he told them about his work with disabled people resonated with me. When I've been asked what I do and have answered that I am a nurse in a Neonatal ICU - premature babies - I have gotten that exact same response...yet they still want to go off and fuck the meat head bad boy. Ben Stiller's portrayal of Gaylord Focker (a male nurse), has also done nothing for the gloss of my chosen day job.

The maxim - "Nice guys finish last" never sounded more true as I listened to this episode.

American Football - I just don't get it. Doesn't that game take like 4 hours or something to get through? You people seriously need to have a look at Australian Rules Football. Our players wear none of that ridiculous gear your players wear, the action is far and away faster and more intense and the game is done and dusted in a little over 120 minutes.

Sure, most of our players are the same bad boy meat heads your players are and they still get to fuck the chicks bu...


I think I may have nulified my argument.

James was a great guest.
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