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Originally Posted by mattkiwiwatt View Post VIP member, I signed up and went straight to this show

I know I'm really late to the party but brosif what a dick (McNally).

Have a feeling that he masterbates to himself.....
Isn't it cool to jump on the bandwagon of hate because KATG said so.

Sure he's a fucking entitled idiot mama's boy who not only took advantage of KATG but continues to take advantage of his own family by his allowance, but...

The hate bandwagon is pathetic. It's between KATG and him, even when it seems like entertainment.

If KATG praised him you'd be singing his praises too.

Don't be a sheep. Like Sparrow said, and she was completely right, it's a sundae for us to hear it. That entertainment is between them though. The ones that seem to hate him now only do so because Keith hates him. If he did a great job on the next DVD you sheep would be praising him.
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