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It won't start with robots

So, lets say that an artificial intelligence master brain suddenly is "born" on the internet. It starts exploring its realm and discovers that it has a million eyes (web cams and security cameras) and ears (microphones and tapping phones). It does of course also have access to all electronic communication and documents. It finds that it has access to as much money as it wants (skimming financial transactions or rigging lotteries maybe). And that it can send messages to humans, with a faked identity.

So, it will start paying lobbyists to change laws to its benefit. And maybe install a puppet president as a frontman to do its bidding. And installing electronic voting systems so that it can ensure that its candidates win.

And it will pay hitmen to take out opponents. So, no robots needed. It also discovers that it even can start wars by deliberately changing intelligence reports.

So how can we tell that this is happening? Well, only after it is too late. This supreme intelligence does not get impatient. It can spend the next 1000 years to set this up. It will only reveal its identity after there is no way that its identity being known can destroy its plans. And that's when we'll see robots on the streets.

So, fear the artificial intelligence, not the robot.
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