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Help with organizing a storyline

I was listening to this show when either Chemda/Danny mentioned the difficulties of keeping a storyline accurate and consistent. Now I don't know if the site I'm about to suggest is just geared towards amateur writers instead of people who are seriously pursuing writing, but I thought it would help either way.

Danny there's a website called inklewriter (inkle inklewriter) which makes the whole process of writing much easier. It even allows you to write down a random paragraph/sentence that you don't want to forget and just link it into the story later on. There's also this awesome feature that allows you to branch your story into 2 different directions, and keeps you up to date with any loose ends that you might have forgotten about.

Now I'm sure there are many applications that do this but I just stumbled onto this one and it does what it's supposed to do. Plus it's free and it allows you to turn all your work online into a kindle book (free of charge, if I'm not mistaken).

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