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More Praise for Myka and the KATG universe!


Sorry this is long …

What a great episode! Such a frank, adult conversation about sex and how awkward it can be sometimes, especially the first time with a new partner. You would think us guys would be out here thinking, “ yeah, Myka, talk more about someone cumming on your ass!” But it wasn’t like that at all. I could totally relate, and I agree with you that the first time with someone new is more of a fact-finding mission than anything else. Chemda pointed out that a person, on their own, is not “good in bed.” It’s the chemistry between the people involved. It takes a while to figure out what they love sexually, or what distracts them, what sends them over the edge fastest, and even where everyone likes the cum to end up (trash can is still funny). I’ve had zero great one-night stands, but learning what turns someone on over time leads to the best sex ever for me.

I’ve wanted to say this for a while, too. As a KATG listener of about six years, I feel like I know some of the guests better than I know some of my friends. I’ve heard the highs and lows of your lives, and I really feel like you’re my friends, too.

I feel, lately, that you, Danny, Keith, Chemda and Lauren are like the core “family” of the show. Any combination of these people results in the best possible show. Like this episode, for instance. You, Chemda and Danny have such a laid-back, hangout vibe. I felt the same about the recent KATG show, “Hot Sauce.” How can just hanging out, talking about hot sauce be so entertaining? But, man, I loved it.

Chemda said something else that resonated with me: Myka, you are so loveable. It must be really weird, maybe even creepy to hear that from someone you don’t even know, especially some random dude. But, remember, I’ve “hung out” with you, in a sense, for years. Who could forget your famous “fuck Kentucky” period, for instance? That still makes me laugh hard. It’s weird, from a listener standpoint, too, to feel like you’re friends with someone who doesn’t know you from shit. So many times, when I listen to you, I think, “Fuck, she is so awesome, so smart, so hilarious, what a great brain! I love this woman. So glad we're friends. Oh, wait ..."

So, I guess I’m saying I really appreciate you and the show, and the whole KATG universe. You’ve added so much to my life, you can’t even imagine. Thank you.

Craig from Cleveland
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