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I am new to VIP and this show caught me and reeled me in immediately. I've just caught up and listened to them all now and this was a great fuckin episode. Myka you fuckin rock and keep me thoroughly entertained. This scenario is hilarious to me and I have had long thoughts on this before because women never even think about this problem before hand. I have asked the "Where do you want me to cum?" question and have learned that having a girl have to think about the multiple choice question you've just presented her in a pretty exposed moment is not an effective method, since the answer is she doesn't want to deal with that sticky hot mess at all, gotta stick with the yes/no question because it is harder to say no in a sexual situation. Personally I'm not a fan of no in the bedroom since if a girl asks me for anything, it's going to happen. Not to say I'd never say no, I've been fortunate enough to only receive reasonable requests thus far. So since virtually every guy is praying/mind-willing you to take it in the mouth, I might lean a little more towards his side if he asked off the bat. But to me, there was no wrong answer there. You can't ask someone to pick and then tell them that's the wrong answer. As far as the joke goes, maybe it was a tad blatant being a couple days later or whatever it was, but fuck it. It was a good joke. It may have bothered him a little bit, but I doubt its going to reside in him or hurt his feelings very much. It definitely was more taking a shot at the question, which most women have to have received. I like the album idea for Chemda as well. Being new to VIP, I have started to listen to the old episodes and just learned that was her singing the intro to KATG. Personally, I like the slower version way better now too. And the first time I heard the "Hoe watch" segment with Patrice from back in the day, I officially loved Chemdas singing voice. Cheers Myka, you are awesome and beautiful and you own what you do and who you are. Don't feel bad for these boys when they can't hang.
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