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Man of My dreams

Bigger wowen can have sex too - m4w - 28 (Montreal)
It is true that bbw like it rough ?

Would you like to worship my nice big cock? Sucking it, licking it, rolling you're tongue, lips up and down the shaft. Taking it deep in your throat first, sucking and licking my balls, both together pushed tight in you're mouth. While you suck them I grab your hair and make you're head bounce from left to right, up and down while I fuck you're throat deep and hard. I turn you over, with you're head hanging upside down, I continue fucking your face!! I lightly slap you again and again!! I make you point your ass in the air, as I spank you while you feel my cock up to your stomach. Thank you sir one more!! I love to roleplay, dirty talk, hair pulling, but nothing painful or weird. Open only to BBW and smaller BBW/chunky women. You mush show at least a litle bit of extra meat.

So let me get this straight, he's offering us big girls the chance to suck him off

How can this dude be single
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