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I think Chemda doesn't need to worry about prescribing a date to get her daughter a vibrator. I think if you live in a household that's open about sex and doesn't treat it like a taboo, that sort of thing comes a lot more naturally.

It's probably fine to have a talk about sex at 16 or so (probably one earlier too, of course), mentioning that there's nothing wrong with masturbation and then maybe broaching the topic of buying a vibrator. But it's a bit weird to show up on Sunday morning like "Hey, here's something to put up your vagina because mommy loves you."

Also, American Horror Story has a lot of great moments. It's really addictive, but it has some lows every season too. I like all the seasons so far. This current season started out amazing but is getting really weird with its race stuff now so I don't know, but the others are great.

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