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I am in such a sad situation at the moment and if any one has advice or personal experience with something similar I would love the input.

So I am a grad student but currently work part time. The office I work for has been looking to merge with a larger company and finally decided to make the move. Merger was set to take effect Feb 1 so, out of paranoia, I stopped smoking 5 weeks ago. Other paranoid co-workers warned of implementation of new policies (including the initial drug test) starting on Jan. 1, but no one knows anything for certain. Low and behold, I find out the merger was delayed another month but the same people who paranoid before are saying definitely don't do it- policies could still take effect Jan 1. Does this make any sense? Why would a new company want to test employees 2 months before anything starts officially? Has anyone ever heard of this?

Do I take the chance or wait another potential THREE god forsaken months?

I just really miss weed, you guys
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