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This episode was interesting. Woody Allen's arguments against Dylan's allegations are that Mia Farrow coached her into believing she was a rape victim from the age of seven?! God and what pisses me off more is people who think its too late for Dylan to still be talking about it. If you believed you were a rape victim and your rapist was still being lauded by a greater part of Hollywood, wouldn't you have something to say? By refusing to take sides, people dismiss the issue and allow Woody Allen to continue receiving unquestioned praise. People blinded by Woody's artistic input are willing to place him on a pedestal and write articles that focus on discrediting Dylan's story. They are willing to villify Dylan and silence the voice of rape survivors who may have been empowered by Dylan's article. Also on the Woody Allen and Soon-Yi point, abuse comes from a position of power. Obviously someone who has had a role in providing for you, has an intrinsic power over you. At the end of the day, the criticism Woody Allen apologists receive will never compare to the pain that victims of molestation are left with.
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