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Originally Posted by Mark Sandiego View Post
Here are some random facts toward the polygraph argument:

The polygraph is always interesting to the public and to law enforcement, but is not and should not be used as any kind of absolute proof. Polygraphs can show both false positive responses and false negative responses. The Amer. Polygraph Association places the accuracy at about 87-89% and the Nat. Acad. of Science published a 2003 study showing this at 85-89%. Still, the government (FBI) does use them, such as for anyone applying for top secret clearance.

In no state can anyone be forced by the police or anyone else to take a polygraph examination. Almost every state fits into one of two categories; those that find them completely inadmissible and those that allow their admission with "the stipulations of both parties" (meaning both defendant and the prosecutor agree to admit the test results as evidence).
I was surprised to hear polygraphs mentioned so much as I thought everyone knew they were discredited a long time ago. TV and movies keep them alive cause it's a good gimmick.

When Pat called Chemda on her hostility, she backed off, composed herself and attempted to be more calm and less emotional, which was great. It seemed like he didn't do the same thing though. I hope all's good behind the scenes and he'll be back. I appreciated him trying to just go through the points, it's unfortunate the tone went askew at the start.

Usually I pay zero attention to Woody. I've only seen one of his movies because it had Scar Jo in it. I've only ever heard about these cases through opinion based shows so really have no idea to the truth. The people who had all the cold hard evidence didn't take it to trial, so??? Sun-yi seems happy. Stories of Mia being so cukkoo does not help. But Dylan man, poor Dylan. No matter what actually happened, her head is still all kinds of fucked up.
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