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I don't even know what to say. I was going to post this long ass diatribe of a post that reads like a fucking Clancy novel. When I realized; who really gives a flying fuck? Instead I'll just say that I liked the show for the discussion but was uncomfortable once things got quite hostile on both ends. I hope everyone will remain friends after this. As I totally see where Pat is coming from more so than KATG (but funny enough I do agree with KATG , does that even make sense?!). It's good to disagree sometimes. I just think this whole thing could of gone on better.

Aaaaaaand how the fuck did Keith not scream once? Still a good show. Just, phew. I felt like I ran a fucking mile after that one.

Also, Woody ain't ever spending time with my kids. Innocent or not. Just sayin'.
Medium Brumski: The only reason we have the 2nd Amendment is because John Adams was afraid of the zombie apocalypse and he wanted to make sure Americans would be prepared, I guess Keith hasn't gotten to that part of the mini-series yet.

Sparrow:...Brings up her point? What point?! Are we naht suckin' ya cahk hahd enough, Sue?!?

Keith: Oh, you...

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