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This was very difficult to listen to.

Pat ignores K&C when they say that the doctor said it was INCONCLUSIVE, not FALSE, that Dylan was molested. He says it's "irrational" to think he came on her. I really hate it when people use "reason" incorrectly, and only to discount the other side's point. What part about that is so irrational?

Pat twisting around the reason why Woody wasn't prosecuted. The statement clearly said they that have probable cause, but they can't do it without Dylan's testimony, and she's too fragile to go on the stand and testify. Pat laughs off the fact that a 7 year old would be "too fragile" to testify against her molester. Because that's soooo fucking irrational.

Pat thinking that the police are only trying to get a conviction, and not to get to the bottom of things for the sake of the public (as WhiskeyApprentice points out). Pat rationalizing Woody's decision not to take the police's lie detector test because "that [the police] would be a hostile environment for Woody". Poor, poor Woody. He's actually very sensitive to hostile environments.

etc., etc.

Another point for Pat being a misogynist. People like him are the reason so many victims never speak out.
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