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Thanks for the welcome and I'll take your questions in reverse order.

3. Neither. Why are those my choices?

2. I gotta say that I've wanted to post many times before but I'l get to why I haven't in just a second. And since you mentioned forum virginity I now feel like Woody touched me too. <Woody/woody joke goes here>

1. I've been way too afraid to post anything before. I must admit, I have ulterior (which I always thought was alterior until just now) motives, however. I've got a pretty bad social anxiety/phobia thing going on I'm trying to deal with. I've got my own podcast I want to get off the ground and that begins with me branching out and putting myself in situations that are extremely uncomfortable and unnatural for me. I've increased my social media interactions by a million percent and will soon branch off into actual face-to-face interactions. My biggest fear in life is looking foolish in somebody else's eyes and I'm trying to get over it.

So there it is. Like Woody Allen, have your way with me.
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