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Woody Allen Allegations

On hearing a lot of unfair and some untrue statements made about the case from, you know, everywhere, I posted a link to Robert Weide's article about Woody Allen and the rush to judgment on my Facebook page. My post simply said "Read this before you make a decision on Woody Allen."

A KATG fan posted a link to a KATG discussion about the case, and added I could take it up with Keith Malley. Now, the LAST THING I want to do is take it up with Keith Malley. Let's be honest. He clearly has stronger feelings about it than I do, and he's yelling.

I've never officially taken a side, and I don't have to. The facts speak for themselves. Here's a question for those who attack me for simply presenting the facts of this case: Why? Are we supposed to ignore factual information in order to preserve the pristine quality of our outrage for an accusation of sexual assault which has been denied by the accused, fully researched and discredited by a team HIRED by the DA, was never criminally charged and which hasn't even been revisited in civil court.

Although the statute of limitations has passed on the criminal case, it still could be introduced as a civil trial. Woody could be dragged into civil court and found guilty just like OJ was. The burden of proof is considerably lower in civil court too. Dylan isn't so young now, and seems comfortable with the facts of the case. If the fragility of the young witness was the only thing holding this case back, then why not take it to court now, and score one for victims? Doesn't it seem fitting that Woody be tarred with the molester brush forever?!!

Oh wait…he already is. Because the burden of proof in the court of public opinion is ZERO. And it's also okay to present bullshit as fact, because we all know he's guilty right, so why check it out?

For instance, Soon-Yi was definitely NOT 15 when the polaroids were taken. I wasn't willing to accept this statement from Keith during the show, because I didn't think it was fair to make that part of the dialog without checking it out. Apparently to some of you, this makes me an asshole. So let me formally apologize right now: I'm sorry I didn't immediately accept Keith's untrue and un-researched statement as gospel. It's not because I don't trust Keith or am calling him a liar. Keith is a good friend whom I hold in high regard and I know him to be a person of high moral turpitude. But it's just my nature to check, it's free.

If you read Judge Wilk's decision, it states Soon-Yi's birth year at 1970 or 1972. It further states that Woody had almost nothing to do with any of the Farrow-Previn children, LEAST OF ALL Soon-Yi and that their friendship began when she asked to go with him to a Knicks game in 1990... She would've been, factually, at least 18, possibly 20. Their relationship slowly evolved out of going to the games together. The photos were taken some time after that. She would've been somewhere between 19-22.

You might say "big deal" but there's a big difference to most people in taking a nude photo of a girl of 15 or a woman of 19 or 21. Don't you think? And if you're going to go around calling a guy a rapist, pedophile and child molester, what does it hurt to get your facts straight? Why not be an informed Woody-hater??? That's all I'm saying.

It's not hard to understand why people who are only exposed to my public persona would see me as a misogynist. I've made significant changes in my life in the last 4-5 years, and over time developed a new understanding about my out-spoken anger towards women and the sometimes harsh way it manifested in my comedy. But once you're labeled, that it. The truth is, it's probably more fun that way for everyone, so fine. And I know that old voice can creep in sometimes, so what the hey.

But at heart, I'm not a misogynist, and misogyny has nothing to do with what I said on KATG the other day. Nor, is ANYTHING that I'm contending of a nature that would prevent a victim from coming forward. I never accused Dylan. I even stop short of accusing Mia.

It's highly doubtful that a fair airing of the actual facts and evidence of a very public situation, in which a person has been repeatedly called a rapist and child molester without sufficient evidence, would dissuade any young woman who might hear this program from reporting a sexual assault. To say such a thing is ludicrous, and I reject that idea entirely.

Looking at evidence and considering all sides doesn't amount to disbelieving the accusation. It's just discovery. You can't just take someone to prison the moment an accusation is leveled, so there's always going to be some degree of fact-checking. Think about it! It seems ridiculous to take the position that presenting and interpreting evidence and encouraging people to draw their conclusions based on facts and thought rather than raw emotion and hysteria is somehow wrong.

And by the way, not immediately believing a person's accusation doesn't amount to calling them a liar. That would imply some sort of moral judgment on my part, and I'm not saying that. It's disappointing that any form of critical thinking is interpreted as abject defense of a known rapist. What a world.

If anyone here has any questions about the case or my ideas about the case, I will gladly make myself available to tell you everything I've read. Every source I'll use is readily available to anyone, I don't have anything inside. My information is the same as yours. I'll show my work for anything I said on the show if anyone disbelieves anything I said. I'll put it in writing.

I'm asking you not to personally insult me or attack my character, as I don't intend to answer that kind of thing. I regret that some of you have taken a negative view towards me based on my ideas of fairness and the law, but I'd rather not come on this forum and have turds flung at me. Some of you have contradicted my ideas from the show, and I'm just trying to clear that up, nothing more.

I want to thank Keith and Chemda for putting up with me not agreeing with them and still being my friend. The fact that they invited me to come on the show and express my point of view on this, knowing it differed in key ways from their own, is just one of the coolest things a host of an show has done for me. I truly appreciate it.

And also thanks to those who have spoken well of me on the forums or elsewhere. Much obliged.

Thanks for your time and consideration, and sorry about the unwieldy length of this post.
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