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Originally Posted by campy View Post
13-16 whatever, he was a father figure to this girl.
You're a father SSGT, what's wrong with you? You MUST be able to say that even if Soon-Yi was at the age of consent when the relationship began, dating a girl who considered you a father from 7 years old ISn't NORMAL

Add to that that she was UNDERAGE when he took NUDE PHOTOS of her....

Where is the 16 age called out ? Woody Allen was never charged with child pornography and Mia never stated that the pictures were taken before Soon-Yi was an adult. The pictures would have been a complete win for Mia if they had been underage pictures.
Of course he is a creep for having an affair with his girlfriends daughter and the age gap is disgusting but everyone keeps putting him in a father figure role when the nannies raised Mia's kids and Woody's kids.

The difference is I am a father, I saw my daughter start as a baby and grow up to the 9 year old she is now. I have associated with her in a familial way from birth on. If you look at any of the studies on siblings who meet after adult hood their is a difference in the way they look at each other, without the family bond from a young age their is nothing to stop attraction from happening. This is the huge difference specially if Woody couldn't at the time tell the judge what his kids day to day life was let alone Mia's kids. Stop treating these two freaks as if they are you and me in our normal families.
Originally Posted by flerchin View Post
The SSgt has it exactly right.
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