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So, here are a few short points.

-Pat shouldn't bee seen as an unbiased observer. We have to remember that this is a guy who was confronted by an ex-wife with a gun, uses the phrase 'bitches be crazy' and named his album 'Goodbye Forever Fatty'. My guess is that exposes some bias he might have. That and no one is unbiased we all drag our experiences, privileges and disadvantages to the table.

-The presumption that Mia and Dylan are lying is just as wrong as assuming Woody Allen is telling the truth. False accusations of child abuse by children is rare, but this not known to the general public because in order to shield the child you must to a certain extent shield the perpetrator.

-U.S. rates were 7.5% for males and 25.3% for females who have suffered childhood sexual abuse. The male rate is most likely inaccurate due to the cultural stigma. Global prevalence of child sexual abuse Journalist's Resource: Research for Reporting, from Harvard Shorenstein Center

-Gathering evidence in these cases is extremely difficult. So most cases are made circumstantially.

-Someone doesn't have to be found criminally guilty to be held guilty by the public. So stop supporting this guy.
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