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Originally Posted by ImStillToni View Post
how the hell is this episode not in my feed?!?!?! Matteo Lane is everything to me but to read I missed Sasheer as well?
*downloading right now

Edited to add: where is this episode? It's not in the feed, show jumps from 127 to 131
127 and 131 are Super Hang episodes. This one is a Hang Out With Me episode. Look here: Hang Out with Me - Keith and The Girl Network. These are not VIP episodes. I'm glad you're a VIP subscriber, but if you want to get all of my episodes, you should also subscribe to Hang Out With Me, not just Super Hang. (You should and can do both, and you're already doing one. So, thanks! Only one more thing to do, and it's the free one, and then you get everything.)
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