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LOL Hats!

Marisela A++++ on thee ol viddy editing. Nicely done.

Liked what Chemda said about Ben Folds 'Rockin the Suburbs' The song is clever commentary on suburban life and was actually on the Over the Hedge soundtrack. Over the Hedge, btw, is a wonderful animated movie that's one of those great for kids and adults; movies. I've seen it a billion times. The voice actors are brilliant and if you liked Ben Folds song; you will love this movie. Seriously.

Gun with Occasional Music author Jonathan Lethem is very similar to Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep author Philip K. Dick.

Danny, if you liked Gun w/ Ocassional' you should really check out Katherine Dunn's Geek Love. It might even be better than Gun...yeah. For reals.

I get excited about things I like. I recommend recommending...

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