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Originally Posted by Enunciated Piffle View Post

The fact a disingenuous marriage, (one based on rape and the manipulation of child's mind) has or has not ended is irrelevant. It's like trying to argue that the effects of Stockholm Syndrome have a definite given length of time.

I'd argue you're confusing your healthy marriage with a marriage based on brainwashing and taking advantage.

Religious people take advantage of the young to steal their minds. Are you a proponent of this method?
I wasn't aware we knew for a fact Woody manipulated Soon Yi into doing anything. There certainly are some facts that seem to point to the possibility. But that is what is called circumstantial evidence. I am glad you mentioned Stockholm though, because that could be said why she is still with him as a counter to "yo dawg, I heard your heart likes what it likes". I was just thinking that this morning actually. If she was fucked with, why would she stick around. Other than money.

EDIT: I don't think it should be legal to expose anyone to religon until 18, but that's just me. I am so gonna catch shit for this.
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