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Nothing against victims, just a conversation here.

Originally Posted by TxMama View Post
I was so frustrated listening to this episode. Pat kept just blowing off anything chemda said and im glad she didn't let him get away with it. I just can't believe that he really truly feels like he said he did about half the stuff he said. I really kept waiting for him to say he was just screwing around and being rediculous. He obviously has no idea what sexual abuse does to a child and how hard it is to prosecute the cases. Can you imagine sitting in a big scary court room in front of tons of people and explaining to someone that's accussing you of being a liar that the man who was supposed to love you above all others hurt you in the worst way possible? I'm grown and I couldn't do that much less could I do it at 7 years old. That's whar they meant by the child being too fucking fragile to testify.
I'd love to explain what I meant, but you're not really helping me out here. Without specific examples, I just don't know what you think is so ridiculous. If you can think of anything let me know.

The state prosecutor, Frank Maco, engaged the Yale-New Haven team to determine whether Dylan would be able to perceive facts correctly and be able to repeat her story on the witness stand. This team came back with the conclusion that Dylan wasn't molested, and that her story had a rehearsed quality to it.

On being told his witness would not be believable on the stand, Maco knew he couldn't win the case. Without Dylan as a witness, he had no case. He used the word "fragility" and obviously it would be traumatic for her, but this has nothing to do with the point I was making.
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