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Originally Posted by OnmyojiOmn View Post
I think Woody Allen is a fucking creep at the very least, and 99.999% likely to a child molester. I hope the media doesn't let him off the hook until his career is over.
What happened with that %? did you run out of 9's?

Are you kidding? They'll never stop, he'll die with this accusation ringing in his ears. But his career is on fire.

Originally Posted by OnmyojiOmn View Post
Chemda's tone when she was debating with Pat quickly grew hostile and petulant. Keith attacked everything Pat said with snide, sarcastic remarks rather than even attempting to have a real conversation. Chemda's attitude in particular tanked the whole episode. I don't disagree with anything either of them said, but it was hard not to tune out. I would be really surprised if Keith and Chemda could listen back and be completely satisfied with their demeanors, and I'd also be surprised if Pat didn't think twice before going back on KATG for another debate.
Hey, Keith and I have had plenty of real conversations. This wasn't one of them, so what. I'll definitely go back on KATG for a debate, even though I really just intended to present a few facts.
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