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Originally Posted by Electric Squirrel View Post
Pat did two things on the show.
1) He put made up points that he claimed Keith and Chemda were trying to make.
2) He showed why the case was never prosecuted. NOT why Woody is innocent.

Here's the thing though. We don't give a shit why the case wasn't legally prosecuted. We care why Pat Dixon personally thinks Woody Allen is a good man who did nothing wrong.
I literally don't understand what you mean in point 1)

I wasn't just showing why the case was never prosecuted, I was presenting factual information from which you can draw your own conclusions about the case. I was not on the program to prove that Woody is innocent. That was never my intent.

You want me to say to why I think Woody Allen is a good man who did nothing wrong. Who are you to demand I support a claim I never made? I was only on the show to correct falsehoods and clear up a small part of the misinformation about the Woody Allen sex abuse allegation.

Why are Dylan's sub-accusers to averse to facts?! Ask yourself that.
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