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Originally Posted by ssgtballard View Post
Two big points that keep being brought up but I cannot find any proof of are the naked pics from before she was 18, everything seems to state that she was 20 when they were found but don't point to a age.
Keith keeps stating that Soon yi was 16 but everything else states 18 - 20.

I love hearing the arguing specially with such personalities doing it. Keith actually sits in middle hear because Pat has been marked as misoginistic many times and Chemda is obviously very feminist. The only issue I have is Chemda seems to have rolling arguments, she starts with one point and keeps going until she gets all of her points out without letting Pat respond to each point.

Either way good tense episodes should happen so often.
I really did want to give each point she was making equal attention, but when Chemda says "Let me finish" you better just do it.

Ironically, Chemda and I probably don't actually disagree on many things in real life.
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