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Be fair.

Originally Posted by thirteen View Post
Were you even listening to Pat? He was being just as hostile.
If you say so.

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As much as I think Pat Dixon is hilarious, his attitude towards certain things, especially women, always leaves me unsettled. Just the fact that he made it a point to blame Soon-Yi for something tells us a lot. You can say things about her as an adult, but not about things that may have happened when she was younger than 20. Especially the beginning of the relationship (and..please...a flip doesn't just switch in your brain the day a girl turns 18; Allen had known her for years before that).
This is Soon-Yi's opinion from Aug. 1992. Maybe check it out.
Soon-Yi Speaks: 'Let's Not Get Hysterical'

Until such a time as feminists (or anyone who would advance this point of view) are willing to put an asterisk next to everything an 18-20 year old woman says or writes partially disclaiming it's value, or attribute her only a partial vote in a general election, I think it would be only fair to give them the same courtesy in deciding who to date. To say they are fully empowered and knowledgeable in the ways of the world EXCEPT when it looks creepy to someone is a blatant accusation against anyone to which a young woman might be attracted who falls outside the accepted age-range. And what's that range, by the way? And who decides it?

Why is it when an older woman goes after a much younger man, she's celebrated as a "cougar" instead of being condemned as a "creepy old lady"? Why do we generally not have the slightest concern for the well-being of a "young stud" who gets plucked for the entertainment of a wily old beast?

Consider whether you truly grant women FULL equality, or if you grant them equality only when it's convenient and doesn't challenge your emotional truth. There are many challenges in truly assessing the equality of men and women, and many of those challenges fall to men in terms of adjusting our levels of respect, courtesy and, yes, pay!

But sometimes when fairness demands an adjustment to our deeply engrained assumptions about the relative power of men and women, it's the protective instinct that has to be shouted down. After all, young women have changed the course of history at times by manipulating much older men. Gold diggers tip fortunes into their bank accounts. And home wreckers…well, you know.

Originally Posted by thirteen View Post
Regarding Pat's podcast: the humour is extreme and I do like that Jim Polk and some of the other guests. Right now I take breaks every couple of months because it gets to be too much if I listen to it every week.

To those people who are unsubscribing: it's not censorship if someone chooses to not have something in their lives. Pat is still free to do whatever he wants. I'm still going to listen, to be clear, but people have a right to decide when they want to cut something off. His show is also a lot of joking around...not the same as what happened on KATG yesterday.

Overall, I think Pat did a decent job getting his point across, but it doesn't have much to do with Woody's innocence. And Keith and Chemda did a good job opposing him.
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