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You are mistaken

Originally Posted by WhiskeyApprentice View Post
I never figured out why Pat's on Woody's side. Does he feel defensive for a dude who's being attacked in the media?

What a frustrating episode. Pat's defense was somewhat logical but was so dismissive of Dylan's letter. It made him sound like he would dismiss any person who was making an abuse claim like hers.

Plus Pat's understanding of how the police collect evidence for cases is pretty poor. It's not the D.A.'s job to find people guilty, it's their job to find the truth for the benefit of the public.
I didn't say it was the job of the State Attorney to find people guilty.

Before there can be a charge, law enforcement to collect enough evidence to make an arrest. The D.A. is not interested in finding evidence to support the innocence of a man accused of molesting a child or any other crime.

He's a prosecutor, sir. Not an attorney for the defense. He's working for the alleged-victim to build a case.

As to what you thought you heard me say about Dylan's letter, you are mistaken.
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