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Originally Posted by lovebird View Post
Woody Allen's arguments against Dylan's allegations are that Mia Farrow coached her into believing she was a rape victim from the age of seven?!
What makes you dismiss that notion? Is it because the Soon Yi situation creeps you out? Or is it because you don't know that false accusations are relatively few compared to substantiated accusations (under 10%) but that they do happen and the large majority of them happen due to coaching by one parent against another during a divorce?

Originally Posted by lovebird View Post
By refusing to take sides, people dismiss the issue and allow Woody Allen to continue receiving unquestioned praise. People blinded by Woody's artistic input are willing to place him on a pedestal and write articles that focus on discrediting Dylan's story.
By taking sides without having researched the subject to any meaningful degree people come at the issue like frothing-at-the-mouth goons, even when their heart is (apparently) in the right place. People blinded by their disgust over Woody's relationship with his former lover's much younger daughter place him in the stocks and yammer into microphones and write posts that focus on perpetuating false information.
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