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All Your Memories are False

I couldn't possibly make better points than Pat himself is already making, but I do want to say that Pat's call for critical thinking is the most important point being expressed here. Almost all his other points are incredibly salient points, but above all else the takeaway is that hysterical rushes to judgement don't do anyone a lick of fucking good.

Soon-Yi is no victim. Dylan may well be a victim, but if we could ever know the truth and sadly I doubt we ever will, I have a feeling the the only parent Dylan was ever a victim of was Mia Farrow. She collected children in a strangely compulsive way and then seemingly used them as pawns in her revenge game.

This trial-by KATG forums is absurd, as absurd as the media circus over an alleged crime that is decades old, and had been laying dormant for decades as well. No charges were ever brought, because there was no evidence of a crime.

Mia Farrow is what appears to be a crazy old cunt, and if you think that no one has ever been falsely accused of hideous, malicious acts by vindictive, scorned women or even by the most well-intentioned do-gooder then you've missed entire historical eras and countless recent examples. (Look up Satanic Ritual Abuse or the McMartin Preschool Trial or Moral Panic or Facilitated Memories.)

You also may have no idea how poor memories can be. It is ENTIRELY possible that Dylan was induced to believe that she was molested when she wasn't. Even people with perfectly fine memories and healthy brains are susceptible to confabulation. This is not blaming the victim, this is pointing to the fact that even in the healthiest and most functioning of brains shit goes wicked wrong a lot of the time. Eyewitness testimony is the absolute worst kind, the justice system is slow to catch up to the science, but the truth is that memories are unreliable at best, and dangerously malleable and susceptible to even the most subtle and ostensibly benign of influences at worst. There needs to be corroborative evidence, not just someone saying they saw something, or they remember something. This kind of pernicious thinking cannot just idly be accepted. That would put us all in danger.

People often scream and call for justice and in the same breath tell us that we can't trust the system. Well, we have to. We all have to trust that we are entitled a fair due process. What if we could make wild accusations and just because the majority of people on a Podcast Forum think one is guilty then fuck em. It certainly didn't help this particular debate that the well was poisoned very early on by Keith talking about pictures of a 15-year old Soon-Yi, when the truth was that she was 20 something when those pictures were taken. But this particular argument doesn't matter much because this is not where justice is meted out and thank fucking christ, or we'd all be so super intensely fucked.

I'm pretty sure that this resurgent interest in Dylan's molestation allegations are not helping her in any way. Almost as bad as the trauma of abuse is the continued abusive attention that this is being given. Mia got mad that Woody was given an award at some awards show, so she just HAD to say something, right? She just had to tweet about it. Don't you think Dylan would be better served by being allowed to privately deal with how utterly fucked her life has been? Instead now we have idiots like me with an opinion about her possible childhood abuse. It's none of my fucking business.

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