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Pat DICKson

I know this is a throwback but your conversation with Pat Dickson has been playing on my mind.
Completely removing the subject matter from the equation Pat displayed a talent for manipulative tactics and arguing. Initially, the back and forth rally between Pat and Chemda was well balanced regardless of who's side you were on, as it went on it was clear Chemda became more passionate and seemed frustrated with Pat's solid defense of a convicted child rapist. As soon as shit hit the fan, when Pat finally pushed you two to a point where you would snap under the layers of deliberate poking, he backed off in a condescending and coy bullshit attempt to make you seem further from fact and closer to blind anger. His tactics were manipulative and immature and it seems he needs to take his head out of his ass and take the reactions he probed like the professional he claims to be. I'm 17 and I use the same tactics all the time when i get my parents riled up in an argument and it unsettles me to think a heavily listened to news podcast and someone who acts as if he argues professionally, has the same mental approach to conflict as a 17 year old.

Chemda, admittdly you got angry and towards the end seemed to attack Pat with evidence and articles but why the fuck not. You were having a serious conversation with someone who was deliberately a childish headfuck. You were passionate and vocal and in no way were you a "bitch" as some people have emailed you, however after a while you became frustratingly infuriated because you were indeed arguing with a sly fuckhead but you did seem to verbally attack him towards the end. Justified.

Superfuck Pat.

Kieth, peace and love peace and love don't hurt me.
Yes I posted this in another thread. but the real question is did he do it
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