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Originally Posted by Gattaca View Post
I'm not a KATG loyalist. Haven't listened in a couple years and before then it had been many years. But my internet went down recently and my Itunes had KATG episodes so I listened during a storm and this episode was on. I too, had to go find my old forum account just to post about this. You were infuriating Pat. You were immature, hypocritical and manipulative in a cheap way. It's just as the 17yo said about how they argue. I'm 28 and that's what I used to do when I was 17 to argue. It's really, really hypocritical and manipulative. I don't know how you can go back and listen to the episode and not see it.

I do think you're a really intelligent person and I appreciate the concept of trying to remain objective and arguing difficult standpoints. I get attacked a lot for arguing against bad arguments despite not necessarily holding an opposite conclusion all the time and it's frustrating that people take it so personally or automatically think that just because I'm arguing against argument (A) that I agree with argument (B)'s (opposing argument's) conclusion. My point being, I really wanted to side with you (but not necessarily with Woody Allen), but your tactics and behavior were abysmal. Chemda was hysterical? Really, hysterical? Man, you're the misogynist and you're wrapping it in a fallacy that you're arguing against misogyny. I could see it immediately when you were arguing about the 19yo girl being old enough to make her own decisions and that Keith saying they were not equal was misogynist.

This whole episode had me needing to take a valium it was so stressful to listen to (Pat) with no internet to get online and read/talk about or chime in on. Wow. You are so full of yourself and have your head so far in your ass if you can't admit to some really less than pure methods of arguing. We all use them when we get passionate, but you brought it to new levels. I have nothing against you as a person and don't mean to attack you, but wow are you full of it and hypocritical when arguing.
As a stand-up comedian, journalist, podcaster and occasional television personality, I'm always trying to get my comedy, personality and ideas in front of as many people as possible. Some people just don't care for me. Obviously I can scratch you off the list of fans, and based on what I'm reading here, that was bound to happen sooner or later.

In the future, you might consider improving your listening skills. Instead of tuning into the emotional content of a discussion exclusively, try to focus on some of the ideas which are being expressed. If you find yourself getting angry, take a step away from the discussion. Breath deeply (try breathing through your nostrils) into your diagram, and release the breath slowly.

Look into meditation. Or if you already meditate, stop. Whatever you're doing, try the opposite. You've got nothing to lose.

Most of all, try to learn a few new adjectives. When you're forced to use the same words over and over, it comes off as repetitive and limits the range of ideas you're capable of expressing. I have a feeling that might be a big source of frustration for you.

Good luck in the future.
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