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The dumber they are, the harder they type.

Originally Posted by AlexHindley View Post
Pat Dickson you are a true piece of shit. I used my "family issues" as a way of showing how immature the tactics you used against Kieth and Chemda were. Not only did you suggest I am disabled, you fuckhole, but you also insulted every guest and every other conversation Chemda ever has on any podcast without your appearance. You aren't some debating god, you are an asshole, you didn't make the show any richer, you dampened the atmosphere and I find it pretty fucking rich that you would insult Chemda and any other guests conversations. This isn't about the debate anymore, you have just provided evidence (ohh scary) that you are a rude, disrespectful and manipulative adult. You are useless and childish, if Woody Allen were to hug you today he would be jailed for child molestation. Fuck you.
This is starting to sound a little personal.

If you're currently on any doctor-prescribed medications, please find the pill bottle, take off the lid, and dump the contents of the bottle into your mouth.

Now, chew. Chew. Chew. Thaaaat's better. Niiiiccce boy.
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