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Originally Posted by PatDixonNYC View Post
As a stand-up comedian, journalist, podcaster and occasional television personality, I'm always trying to get my comedy, personality and ideas in front of as many people as possible. Some people just don't care for me. Obviously I can scratch you off the list of fans, and based on what I'm reading here, that was bound to happen sooner or later.

In the future, you might consider improving your listening skills. Instead of tuning into the emotional content of a discussion exclusively, try to focus on some of the ideas which are being expressed. If you find yourself getting angry, take a step away from the discussion. Breath deeply (try breathing through your nostrils) into your diagram, and release the breath slowly.

Look into meditation. Or if you already meditate, stop. Whatever you're doing, try the opposite. You've got nothing to lose.

Most of all, try to learn a few new adjectives. When you're forced to use the same words over and over, it comes off as repetitive and limits the range of ideas you're capable of expressing. I have a feeling that might be a big source of frustration for you.

Good luck in the future.
Thanks for proving my point.

Edit: Also, the fact that you're spending so much time in this thread, writing huge massive replies to absolutely everyone is indicative of quite a few things. I won't start going to ad hominem territory the way you are, but just think about it. Why?

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