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Originally Posted by Keith View Post
It's not a hyperbole. Pat meant hysterical, so he typed hysterical.
Maybe I'm going nuts, forgetful even, since it has been awhile since I heard the show. But I beg to differ with him. I think he was wrong with hysterical lol. I would think you would agree. She was far from hysterical. Pat may feel she was but I think he was exaggerating. I assume you are going with out right lying?

EDIT: Hysterical could be applied to me being so pissed off at Mike Lawrence over a disagreement in his opinion of a fucking movie based on a comic book that my first joke-go-too was serial murder. Trivial may be a choice word too. I'd go so far as to say, maybe even stupid. And I don't mean the funny definition.
Medium Brumski: The only reason we have the 2nd Amendment is because John Adams was afraid of the zombie apocalypse and he wanted to make sure Americans would be prepared, I guess Keith hasn't gotten to that part of the mini-series yet.

Sparrow:...Brings up her point? What point?! Are we naht suckin' ya cahk hahd enough, Sue?!?

Keith: Oh, you...

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