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Simple question, simple answer

Originally Posted by Gattaca View Post
Thanks for proving my point.

Edit: Also, the fact that you're spending so much time in this thread, writing huge massive replies to absolutely everyone is indicative of quite a few things. I won't start going to ad hominem territory the way you are, but just think about it. Why?
It's because all this misplaced anger is perpetuated out of lies and misinformation. And when people on this thread realize they can dispute none of what I say, NOT ONE FACT, they resort to broad accusations and personal insults. Many even take the added step of blaming me for rape victims who may now suffer in silence, afraid to come forward because someone might remain objective.

You, who have no point, no take, not one shred of anything of value to bring to this discussion, listen to me effectively skewer your false assumptions and un-researched but boldly self-righteous opinions, and then accuse me of smoke-and-mirrors manipulation and lawyer tactics.

Since you have no rebuttal to anything I said about the case, calling me for some reason "immature" and "manipulative" and "really, really hypocritical" is the best you can do. In the face of your inability to dispute ONE FACT I've presented, or even say something intelligent about this subject, you resorted to personal insults. That's all you got.

You want to know why I took the time to set people on this thread straight? Because what they say isn't true, it isn't fair and it isn't right. And just because they align themselves with with a woman who says she was sexually abused doesn't make them good people, or caring people, or progressive or interesting or even empathetic people.

It just means they're people who are willing to ignore massive amounts of evidence including the opinions of Dylan's doctors, an experienced and trusted Child Sex Abuse Clinic who researched this case for half a year, and even two of her siblings who were close to the victim and her mother and who understand the family dynamic that was in play. All of whom say Woody Allen is innocent of this heinous accusation.

Are all of those people starstruck? Are they all secretly pedophiles? How do you brush off all their opinions so easily in favor of what you know about this?

Fine if you people think he molested his daughter in the attic. But believe it from an informed place, and not based on how creepy you think his movies are, or how convincing Dylan's letter was or because he looks like a pedophile or because he married Soon-Yi. Believe it in SPITE of the massive amount of evidence that suggests he didn't do it, and believe it in SPITE of the lack of any credible evidence to prove he did.

I'm not here to convince anybody. I'm just posting on this thread because this needs to be said.
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